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Radio sensormat CareMat® TRX

The pressure-sensitive detection mat CareMat® TRX  is used exclusively for radio call operation at an Ergophone telephone with integrated radio receiver or at an Ergophone external radio receiver/radio receiver TRX.
The caregivers can observe at any time day or night, when and where a patient has left the bed. The CareMat®  provides ideal support: The risk of falls and the dangers, which can arise from patients with disorientation can be considerably reduced.


CareMat® TRX A as a bedside rug. Size: 110 x 70 cm. Weight: 8,2 kg.
CareMat® TRX B as a doormat. Size: 70 x 40 cm. Weight: 3,2 kg.
CareMat® TRX C as a bedside rug, half round. Size: 110 x 70 cm. Weight: 6,5 kg.

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