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Ergophone S 510 IP radio

The „Ergophone S 510 IP radio“ combines unique telephone comfort with the monitoring and control possibilities of modern IP network. The phone can be expanded by numerous radio transmitters and the integration of the room automation electronics to a comprehensive comfort- and security system.


Compact, thin and modern in design, uncompromising ergonomic to use: The phone combines intelligent technology with simple operation. The phone is designed to take into account the physical, sensitive and intellectual capabilities of people more than the average phone.

Emergency communication

Just a quick and flexible emergency communication ensures a needs-based assistance.

System monitoring

The smart technology of the phone detects impending problems and actual faults. These are indicated visually and audibly by the phone and sent automatically to external numbers.  
Ergonomic telephone with radio emergency call function

Quick configuration

The configuration of the phone can be done via phone menu or web browser.

Connection conditions

The phone is suitable for connection to IP networks.



Resident emergency call
Emergency calls can be sent to an alarm server or to programmed call numbers via the red emergency call key on the telephone or via other radio-controlled or wired push-buttons. The receiver of the emergency call establishes a connection to the emergency telephone. The phone automatically switches to hands-free operation. In case of bad connection the recipient can switch from hands-free operation to announcement or listening mode by using numeric keys.
The person seeking help can communicate with the recipient even from a distance of some meters to the phone thanks to the excellent acoustics of the device.

Radio emergency call

The phone contains a radio receiver TRX. A radio pendant TRX with cord is  included. The "Ergophone S 510 IP radio" can be expanded to an emergency call system. In  addition to the radio pendant TRX, other radio triggers (up to 19) can be assigned.


Wired emergency call

Special variants of the phone allow the use of wired alarm triggers such as pear switches or cord pull switches.
Ergophone has no wired pull and pear switches in the program. Please use commercially available switches.

Ergophone S 510 IP radio with contact input
As many as desired cord pull switches can be connected to the contact input.


Ergophone S 510 IP radio with contact input and pear switch connection
Beneath cord pull switches (contact input) a pear switch can be connected to the western socket on the backside of the phone.


Further information:


Controlling light and shutters from bed

The connection to a HTTP server opens a wide range of monitoring and control options. Thus, the device status can be monitored. Emergency calls can be answered, messages can be displayed and faults can be analyzed. The HTTP server provides the interface for building technologies, so that the room- and reading lights and the shutters can be controlled from bed.
Special care-functions

Vital sign function
The vital sign function serves to monitor the presence and the activity of the user. The user has to press the vital sign function key regularly at the agreed time in order to prevent the telephone from issuing an automatic emergency call.

Auto answer mode
If an emergency call is received by a server, the device forwarded the call to the nursing staff. The nurse calls the person seeking help by her DECT phone. If the ergonomic phone of the person seeking help is switched to auto answer mode, the called phone rings once and switches  to listening mode or hands-free mode without having to be operated by the person seeking help.

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