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Ergophone CP 200 IP / CP 210 IP

High comfort in the hospital room. The multifunctional bedside terminal is the control center of the whole room electronics. It is a patient telephone, a remote control for radio and TV and a control of light and roller blind. Personal call charges are registered by the patient chipcard.The device can be used very easily. It lies perfectly in the hand and can be cleaned quickly and hygienicly thanks to the foiled keypad.
We develop and build smart card telephones to customers’ requirements. The custumer is able to define features, keys and colors.
Multifunctional telephones for hospitals



Efficient networking

The diagram shows the integration of the bedside terminal in the computer network and building electronics. The initialisation of the multifunctional IP terminal occurs via a DHCP-server, the configuration via an FTP-server. The connection to an HTTP-server opens a wide range of monitoring and control capabilities. Thus, the device status can be monitored. Emergency calls can be accepted, messages displayed and statistical and error analyzes can be drawn up.

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