The Ergophone GmbH is involved in the development and distribution of ergonomic telephones in the technologies analog and VoIP.

The medium-size company located in Cölbe near Marburg in the middle of germany possesses core competencies in the areas of hard- and software for analogue and digital telephones as well as extensive know-how in the areas of smart card protocols and their applications.

The Ergophone GmbH develops ergonomic telephones, which adapt optimally to human abilities to see, to hear, to react or to move.

Apart from the simple operation and safe handling the quality of the products is extraordinary important. The telephones, partly integrated into emergency call systems, fulfil high safety requirements.

The high-quality Ergophone telephones are manufactured in Germany. Quality “Made in Germany”.

Ergophone is a service company. The customer is always at the focus of our actvities. We develop individuel solutions for customers. Certification to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 forms the necessary basis for this task.